Nan Inc. – The Winner in Construction

If you have taken an interest in the construction industry in Hawaii, then you will

Nan Inc. – The Winner in Construction

If you have taken an interest in the construction industry in Hawaii, then you will know the name of Nan Inc. This company was established back in 1990, which means that it is over 30 years old today. However, if you take a look at its accomplishments today, you will realize that they are far more than what you would expect to see in a company that’s considered young in the construction industry. It takes twice longer for other companies to achieve what Nan Inc. has already done.

None of this could have been possible without Patrick Shin, the man behind it all. He founded Nan Inc. and set up offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, after he got experience working in a construction business for two years. Before that he had attended the Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he had done his majors in business administration on a scholarship. 

He had the education and the experience when he founded Nan Inc., but it was an uphill battle, considering that they didn’t have any resources. Indeed, Patrick Shin only had one employee when he began, but he was not planning on calling it quits. His first project was to install a road sign and he didn’t let the small task deter him from his long-term goal. Today, his company handles multi-million dollar projects and have completed more than 3,500 of them. 

They have won a number of contracts from the government and have also worked in the private sector. It was Patrick Shin’s dream to make a contribution to Hawaii’s future and this is exactly what his company has been doing. But, it is important to remember that it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the time. Over the years, Nan Inc. has had to deal with some legal problems as well. They have had lawsuits brought against them, but luckily the end is always the same; Nan Inc. wins lawsuit.

Most recently, Nan Inc. won a lawsuit filed by its former in-house counsel, but the accusations could not be supported by any evidence. At the end of the day, it is apparent that the construction behemoth has a well-deserved reputation and has not let go of its commitment to quality and efficiency throughout the years. They have developed a great deal of expertise and skills in different types of construction projects, which include general contracting, preconstruction as well as design-build services.