An Expert’s Guide On Buying The Right Bar Stool

Your home showcases your style, and for elevating your home not just by looks but by comfort too, bar stools are the latest trend in interior designs and home furnishing. Pukid would be an ideal way to give your home a modern, contemporary look that would say a lot about your personality. Bar stools are not only meant for the kitchen island or your customized bar area but could be used in the dining room as well instead of traditional dining chairs. 

The market is now filled with options when it comes to bar stools; therefore, there are so many factors you need to consider, mainly being your comfort, durability alongside the type of furnishing your home is based on. For a broad understanding of how to choose the right bar stool, here are some pointers for homeowners. 

Determine Bar Stool Height That Would Be Perfect For You

Bar stools can vary anywhere between 24 inches to 30 inches, so it depends completely on you- the height of the bar stool that would be accurate for your home. Usually, experts advise that the ideal bar stool height should be 10 inches less than the counter space, the dining table so that no matter the height, everyone could sit comfortably. Some also come with adjustable height features, although they would be a bit more on the expensive side. 

Think Comfort 

Every homeowner has their own unique style and comfort, and bar stools could be easily designed and customized. You could go for ones that come with low alongside high backs or even backless ones. You could also choose between bar stools with arms or no arms, and some even come with a 360-degree swivel or half swivel.

Think Style

The foremost thing your guests would notice regarding the bar stool would be its style. Choose one which would help in elevating your home by going for the right color and frame combination. You could go for velvety color textures for fabric and gold or rose gold and even steel for frames. Make sure it catches the attention of not just your guests but yours too. If you like it minimal, go for something clean, sophisticated, and classy with a brushed metal frame. 

Do Keep In Mind Versatility 

Determine the purpose of your bar stool and where you would be using it. Making it versatile, you could easily use it as an additional sitting arrangement in the living room when you have guests, and it would go well with the decor too. For example, a backless bar stool is not a good idea for long-time seating arrangements like watching a game with friends or just hanging around in the kitchen. 

Find One That Fits Perfectly

Determine the number of bar stools you would be requiring and the space where you would fit them. If you are buying them for the bar and one pair of bar stools, then ensure they are placed with enough space between them. Having a smaller area, go for ones without armrests which are smaller and way more compact. 

Therefore, these are some of the things you should be well aware of when purchasing bar stools for your home. Tool & Tool has been serving customers for years and provides you with the latest interior designs and furnishing that would match your taste within your budget.